CHICAGO July 9-12, 2016
Chicago, IL

Coaches' Information

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Administrators are reminded that all coaches participating in Chicago or any NCAA-certified events must be approved by the NCAA prior to any coaching activity. 

Any adult participating in coaching activites or sitting on the team bench (including scorekeepers) must be NCAA approved to coach every year.  Coaches participating in Chciago must be approved by July 3. Click here to begin the approval process.

Coaches must also complete an educational course as a component of their NCAA approval. Click here to complete the educational course. 

The NCAA requires a roster for each team to be submitted on the NCAA BBCS website.  Click here to submit your roster on the NCAA site.

Details regarding the NCAA approval process can be found here.


The home team will provide the official scorekeeper. The tournament will provide clock operators.

Coaches registration on July 9 has been moved. The new location is the NIKE+ Studio at 675 N. Michigan Avenue (one door up from Niketown on Michigan). All NCAA approved persons coaching in this year's event must register between 5:00 P.M. and 9:00 P.M. 

At registration, all rostered and NCAA approved coaches will be given a special wristband entitling you to shop at Niketown until 9:00 P.M. this night only with an exclusive 30% discount on all merchandise in the store. This is an unheard of discount for this store and is valid only for Tournament of Champions and EYBL coaches wearing their wristbands given at registration. No athletes and no parents.

Once again, coaches registration on July 9 has been moved to 675 N. Michigan Avenue from 5:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M., and after registering all coaches may shop at Niketown (next door) until 9:00 P.M. with a 30% discount.
Please be advised that while certified athletic trainers will be available at all times, your daughter (or athlete) must provide her own tape and pre-wrap if she wishes to be taped prior to her game(s). Unfortunately the trainers are not able or equipped to provide supplies free of charge. There will be supplies for sale on site but they will likely be expensive, so it is best to plan ahead and bring supplies.



1. All coaches (head coaches and assistant coaches) must be approved by the NCAA and present their

wristband to the official scorer before every contest.

2. All players must complete the NCAA Educational Session through Recruit Nation prior to competing in her

first game and will be stricken from the score sheet unless and until her compliance is verified.

3. Games will consist of two sixteen minute (16:00) halves.

4. Halftime will be three (3:00) minutes in length.

5. Warm-up time will vary but will not be less than five (5:00) minutes. Coaches are responsible for insuring

that their athletes are adequately stretched and warm before taking the floor. There are multiple locations

accomplish this.

6. Clock will run if at any time the scoring differential is greater than 20 points.

7. Teams will have  one full (1:00) and two thirty second (:30) timeouts per game.

8. Bonus foul shots will be awarded on the tenth (10th) team foul of each half.

9. No double bonus.

10.A player will be disqualified on her sixth (6th) personal foul.

11.No shot clocks will be used. There will be a ten-second count in the backcourt and a 5-second count when

a player is closely guarded.

12.The head coach will be disqualified on his or her second technical foul.

13.Lane players can go on the release of a free-throw. They do not have to wait until the ball hits the rim.

14.Should overtime (OT) be necessary, it will consist of one (1), two minute (2:00) stop-time period. Should

a second overtime (2 OT) be necessary, it will consist of one (1) additional, two minute (2:00) stop-time

period. Should a third overtime (3 OT) be necessary, the result will be determined by the first team to score


15.All teams are expected to report not less than sixty minutes (60:00) prior to the scheduled start of each

contest. Players must be recorded on the official score sheet not less than five minutes (5:00) prior to tip-off.

16.The team on the left of the schedule will be the designated home team, wear white or light colored

jerseys, and occupy the bench to the left of the official scorekeeper.  The home team will provide the

official scorekeeper unless it voluntarily defers to the visiting team.

17.The team listed on the left of the schedule will be the designated home team, wear light colored jerseys,

and occupy the bench to the left of the official scorekeeper.



head to head


if tied three ways:

point differential +/- 13, team with highest points is first

remaining teams refer back to head to head









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